Thursday, June 19, 2014

They are Children, Not Fashion Accessories

As I read through the news (as decided by the powers that be in the US) yesterday, I became a bit frustrated. First, I am not sure why "celebrity news" is the same as news about wars, abuse, and famine. That boggles my mind.

Then I noticed a trend, not unusual for my country really, of people in the news for changing their children's bodies without the children's consent. People were up in arms, as was I to be honest.

Truth is that my children own their bodies. Your children own their bodies. It is not okay to change their bodies unless they choose to, and can comprehend the long term effects of the choice or choices, OR if they are in danger of death of course a change may be necessary such as surgery.

I will be honest. I am not a patient person when it comes to adults and I felt the urge to "flame" these folks on social media, but there will be more like them next week and the week after. You see, the general population also tends to see children as things to own. They are property in many people's minds. They are accessories to use and change anytime. They are to be bossed around and obey their "boss".

My message is this....they are children NOT fashion accessories. Please stop and think about your children's rights (yes, they have rights whereas you have responsibilities to protect their rights until they are able to speak for themselves) before making decisions that change their bodies. We are not talking about clothing which you can change. We are talking about holes and cuts that may never go back to the way they were before if the child dislikes them. You love your children so take a minute to see things from your children's perspectives.

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