Monday, June 23, 2014

Survey Sites, Free Products, and Product Tests

I do a lot of surveys, receive free items, and do product tests. Sometimes friends ask me how to get involved in these programs so I decided to make a list. I gave info about the sites off the top of my head and if that info changes, I will come back and update. If a link does not work, let me know. Please excuse the varied colors of links. I will deal with the programming later when I have more time.

Remember to update your email address, phone number, and mailing address when you make a change. If you change your Paypal username/email, make sure you change that with the sites you join. One way to be sure you have done this for all survey and freebie sites is to keep a list of them in a safe place including usernames, passwords, and web address. Enjoy!

A few times a year you will get a survey that may qualify you to receive free items.

Free items to try. but they have to choose you so be sure to check your
surveys often so you can qualify for opportunities.

Each month you click on fast survey questions, then earn entries into gift card raffles. You will get an email shortly after the first of the next month if you won any gift cards/codes. It may seem elusive, but I have won quite a lot of Amazon cash this way.

Take surveys. Earn cash. Request payment after $10 is earned.

Surveys and rewards

Surveys and rewards

Opportunities to be chosen to host parties that include free products and/or coupons for you and your guests.

You can use a debit card option cash out every time $30 is earned.

Fill out the profile and interest surveys in order to qualify for various samples.

Surveys and rewards

Surveys and product tests earn you rewards.

You can qualify for "perks" by using this site.

Surveys and rewards through gift cards

This site allows you to collect points and use them for rewards.

Surveys and rewards

Record purchases, take surveys, then earn rewards.

Surveys and rewards plus product tests form time to time

Take surveys. Earn points. Get gift cards.

Surveys in exchange for payouts

Survey site

Surveys and product tests

Try out free samples and give reviews. This site may run slow on Tuesdays which is when they have new samples available.

Free ebooks in exchange for honest reviews.


This site sends you coupons or free items in exchange for an honest review.

High paying surveys show up a few times a month.

This site has sampling
 opportunities and also links people to the various samples that companies
 run from time to time.

Surveys and rewards

Cash out for as little as a dollar. Receive cash via check mailed to you.

 Surveys and rewards

Survey site with rewards. 

Thomas and Friends Journey to Rewards
Earn gift cards

Surveys and product tests

 Earn points toward gift cards.

Earn points for reviewing products. 

Decent payouts for surveys.

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