Sunday, June 22, 2014

Review of Enzian Theater Peanut Butter Matinee Family Film

My friends and I have enjoyed many movies at the Enzian Theater in Maitland, Florida over the years. It houses a small outdoor bar and eatery and one theater with tables and booths. I wanted to share one of my favorite hangouts with my children.

Today I took my children to see the Peanut Butter Matinee Family Film event. This event happens once a month and costs $5 per person. You can pay for your tickets in advance, then line up inside near the door with your confirmation paper. You bypass the box office if you choose this option plus you know your tickets are available and that the theater will not sell out before you arrive. I usually show up a half hour early so we can use the bathroom, go inside, choose seats while there are plenty of options, and then order our food.

Today the movie was Jumanji. I remembered this film from my early teen days. It was okay, so I offered to take my children to see it. When we arrived, we noticed animals out front. It was the local zoo doing PR. I understand that this theater might need community support to stay open, but I prefer not to be marketed to at a family event. Save that for adult events. We went inside instead of hanging out with the zoo folks. (We don’t go to Sea World and are phasing out other places that own and profit from rather than rescue animals.) 

Unfortunately, once we got inside they had a fairly high pressured pitch for the zoo, yep most kids fell hook line and sinker for it, and a video plus brought animals in. I wonder if anyone was allergic to the serval, I know I would be but was not that close to it, thank goodness. I do appreciate the raffle they did. I am sure it brightened a few children’s days. (I cannot guarantee that they will always have guests and raffles.)

Our food was delicious. The movie was enjoyable for all except my middle child who complained about the loud sounds. In her defense, it was quite loud for a family event. Many other local theaters turn their sound down a bit for family films especially at the theaters during free movies in the summertime.

All in all, I suppose I would go back to a film meant for an older crowd. I don’t think I would go back to a family film at this theater unless I knew they gave warning if they are going to have guests who I may be allergic to or who will try to directly market to me or my impressionable children. I went in planning to purchase a family membership, but was swayed by these issues as well. I think there are a great many people who would gladly attend this theater for family events, but we may wait a while until attending again.

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