Sunday, June 8, 2014

Companies Profit From Common Core Standards

Did you know that text book and assessment providers will make MORE money with common core standards in place than they make without thee standards? The trend in textbook publishing is to include state standards in each book. Because there are many vendors, districts use sample books to choose or vote on new texts when the older ones are due to be replaced. It is easier for teachers to have books which include current standards with each lesson even if they do not teach the book exactly as it is written. Teachers do not have to hunt down and implement standards which their state set forth and administrators have less to worry about when we consider compliance with state standards. In order to be competitive, each company adds the standards now so they have a higher chance to sell books. 

Researching and writing curriculum is a time consuming job. An employee must look up and include the standards that apply to each lesson while making sure that the book includes every standard particular state requires students to learn. There are at least 180 days in most school year and multiple subjects/grade levels are taught in each school. This shows just how much work must be completed so that a text book is competitive with the other books available. 

If every state in the USA implements common core standards, then the cost of labor goes down for text book companies. They no longer need as many people to research and write lessons according to various state standards. This means lower staff costs and higher profit margins. Most districts will use the common core aligned texts even if their state has not fully implemented common core standards because the texts help avoid issues of accountability. 

It is in text book and assessment companies’ best interests to lobby for and help push for common core throughout the USA. Higher profits are the goal. Our children are not their priority.

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