Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Day in the Life

Every day is a bit different no matter who you are. I happen to share my life with a husband, two dogs, and three children which gives me a few more curve balls than I usually expect each day. I often feel like I accomplish very little, but decided to list the events of one day to remind myself just how much is accomplished each day.

7:30 AM Wake up and take the dogs out. Try to sneak in a shower before anyone needs my help.

7:40 AM The youngest child is screaming, "Mommy where are you!!!!!!!", while sobbing and being as loud as possible. Now everyone is awake and I have not bathed.

7:41 AM Calm child, help all three kids get some breakfast, and attempt a shower for the second time.

8:10 AM After showering was accomplished, it was time to pack a bag for park day and help the youngest choose his clothing and get ready for his day while the older two finish eating and take showers.

9:00 AM Check emails and clean the kitchen.

9:15 AM Herd children to the car, drive to park day location.

10:00 AM Arrive at park day, chat with friends,and help my children as needed. Helping today included calming the youngest when a baby touched his sand structure. He tried to run away from the "threat" he perceived, but I was there to make sure he was in a safe place and able to calm. He did well other than this moment and also a moment when a small child pushed him to the slide. This caused two issues for my child. He hates to be touched and he also hates to be told what to do. He was not hurt, but did meltdown for a bit at this point, too. Both mothers were nearby and did make use of the incidents to teach gentle lessons so kudos for that. Unfortunately, I was unable to say thank you for following up because my child was hysterical for quite a while each time.

11:30 AM Head home for lunch.

12:15 PM Eat a quick lunch made up of fruit and sandwiches.

12:45 PM Head to Fedex to send a package.

1:00 PM Go to local grocery store with free coupons and cash back rewards. "Saved" $42, 52 percent savings, after coupons and store specials. Not too shabby.

2:15 PM Time for laundry, take the dogs out, and time with the kids.

3:15 PM Clean floors and pack a few boxes for an upcoming move.

4:15 PM Figure out what to make for dinner.

4:30 PM Youngest has a meltdown. I don't remember why, but it happened and it was ugly.

5:00 PM Make dinner and eat.

5:30PM Clean up dinner and clean blinds.

6:00 PM Watch television while doing some laundry.

6:30PM Play with the children, then check email.

7:30 PM Take dogs outside.

8:00 PM Say goodnight to all children and help the youngest fall asleep.

8:30 PM ME TIME! :)

Now there are, of course, less structured times when I am with the children or they need something. They are often hanging out and helping out even if not noted on the schedule today.

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