Saturday, January 25, 2014

Review of Preschool Math and Rhyming Mega Bundle From the Educents Preschool Rocks Bundle

I am extremely excited to share a new product with you! I agreed to give an honest review of both the Preschool Math and the Rhyming Mega Bundle from the new Educents Preschool Rocks Bundle in exchange for free access to these portions of the product. Details for purchase of this product are listed at the end of the review. 

These products come via download. The bundles were quick and easy to access as well as to print. This type of resource is highly valuable not only to homeschool parents who do not need an entire class set of the items, but also to teachers who may receive a new student at any time. You never have to worry about wasting money on too many items nor about not having enough of the resource should a new student arrive. I also want to mention that though these items are meant to be printed in color, you can use black and white settings for some of the activities that are not color or pattern related.

Preschool Math by Cynthia Dunn includes activities and games such as Color Pattern Fun, Color Match Game, Butterfly Counting Mats, and Find the Missing Number. My three year old son and I began our exploration of these materials by playing with the number mats from Preschool Math. The mats were small enough that we could put several in front of him without overwhelming him. He enjoyed not only counting, but also putting the pieces of paper on each mat. We compared numbers, counted, added, and subtracted using these mats. As we continued through the Preschool math bundle, I noticed that most of the activities could be used multiple ways. This is a fabulous tool for teachers who have students who are learning at different levels. You can easily scaffold the lessons so they meet each learner’s needs.

The Rhyming Mega Bundle by Random Craftiness also has several activities for varied academic levels. This bundle includes puzzles, a board game, rhyming writing practice, word cards, go fish, memory, and more. My son enjoyed rhyming bingo the best; however, we began with a review of rhyming words by using Activity #12 Matching Worksheet. My son enjoyed the one on one time with me and I was able to hear him pronounce various words and also rhyme. This is a great way to screen for speech issues that may require extra help. This is also a great way to assess a child’s knowledge of rhyming and final sounds.

I found these bundles to be fun and useful.  All of the activities are colorful and easy to use as large group, small group, or individual activities. The directions were clear and easy for a volunteer, intern, or even an older buddy tutor to use. The focus for each activity was developmentally appropriate and fits a wide range of children’s abilities and needs. 

After working in public schools for many years, I now know the importance of reusing resources.  When I taught a large amount of students, I reused resources when possible. I either laminated the activities or used page protectors. This way any clipping, writing, drawing, or spills could be removed easily yet not ruin the papers. I also used magnets and cheap cookie sheets from the dollar store to create magnetic games and activities out of similar resources. This added variation from the typical school day while still encouraging acquisition of new skills.

Cooperative play helps children to internalize subject matter. As a parent and teacher, I love to see children enjoy learning. These products achieve both goals. It is absolutely possible to use teacher observation to find out if a student knows a topic. If the child can explain the rules to another child, then play the game with little or no mistakes, he or she has a firm grasp on the subject matter. This eliminates the need for boring or tedious paper and pencil assessments.

After using the two activities and game packets supplied to me by Educents, I think my child and I will enjoy using the rest of the Preschool Rocks Bundle Pack. I plan to tell my friends who still teach in early childhood education settings as well as my homeschool friends about this product. I look forward to seeing the entire pack soon!

Information on the Bundle:
19 Downloadable Products
Regular Price: $106.00
Educents Price: $29.99
Percent Off: 71% 

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