Tuesday, October 1, 2013

SPD, Toilet Learning, and Communication

My son has been toilet learning for at least a year and a half. He is capable of staying dry and urinating in the toilet. He is somewhat capable of having BMs (bowel movements) in the toilet. He began toilet learning, by choice, before I expected him to do so. Yet, he is not completely finished with the process. No worries, I don't mind wiping the BM up or buying pull ups since he got a rash from cloth diapers and training pants regardless of how I washed or dried them or which fabric I used.

One issue that came up recently is my son's unwillingness to use speech as a communication tool. He can speak and often does speak at length. He is very intelligent and though he does zone out at times, he can snap back to reality as well. Today my son had a BM in his pull up type pant. Instead of calling me, he chose to take a toy and throw it at his oldest sister. Now keep in mind that this child has my father's pitching arm. My dad was up for a draft into minor league ball around age 19, but told the team no and chose to stay in college and play ball there instead so he could use the scholarship he earned. So the child has a killer arm and nails his target about 97 percent of the time. Poor big sister was not happy with him.

Once I heard my oldest child howl in pain, I checked on the situation and found that my youngest had a messy pull up, ten minutes before we had to leave the house of course, and he was having trouble letting me know what he needed in a socially appropriate way. I scooped him up and we chatted about kind, gentle ways to explain his need for a change. We checked on sister, then made sure little one had a new pull up.

My son was very resistant to learning sign language as an infant and toddler, but we have been working again because he is now interested. I suppose it is time to make a list of needs he may have and teach him those specific phrases in sign language.

I appreciate my daughter's patience with my son. I am thankful for sign language, which I hope will alleviate the current issue. Wish us good luck! :)

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