Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Oh Good, Pink Ribbons Are Everywhere Again

As I picked up a few items for my family this morning, I noticed pink ribbons on signs all over the store. The signs said "Support Breast Cancer Research". I tried to put the signs out of my mind even though  pink is a stereotypical "girl" color, girls can enjoy more than just pink, and men CAN get breast cancer.

Unfortunately, something kept nagging at me. I wondered, as I walked along the store aisles, why genetically modified foods were in a store that requested customers to support breast cancer research. Isn't that counter-productive? Then I thought about the flu shots they push and thought about my children's vaccine injuries. I wondered how closely cancer and vaccines are related. I continued to ponder these issues, then cleaning chemicals came to mind and that was basically the last straw.

Seriously? Support cancer research, but sell cancer causing items? Sorry, no, try again. I will support breast cancer victims by feeding my children organic and non-sprayed foods as often as possible. I will keep their immune systems healthy by no longer vaccinating them. I will breastfeed until they self-wean so their cancer chances, and mine, are lessened. I will make available research and information. I will make sure my children have the chance to make educated decisions about their health. If my funds allow, I will continue to donate to individual families touched by cancer and other illnesses.

I suppose I am just venting my concerns, but if even one person stops and does some research, then I am thankful. The truth is that we can help spread information and sympathy through our actions even if we do not embrace the pink ribbon.

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