Friday, July 26, 2013

The Sense of Touch, Bonding, and My Sensory Child

 Today my husband went to pick up his dinner. He frequents fast food restaurants, if you can call them restaurants, so this is fairly normal. I cook for myself and the children and he gets food "from out".

My son said goodbye to hubby, then went to play while my husband was away. When hubby returned, my son threw his toys in the air like a graduation cap, and then ran to me screaming. "Dad is home! Give me a hug!", he said. My son then proceeded to hug me with all his might and ask for a kiss as well. I asked why he did not get a "daddy hug". He said it was because he does not like for other people to touch him.

My son was exploring during a science club nature walk.

As you can tell from the above story, my three year old son does not always feel comfortable hugging his father. He has always had trouble bonding with others. He does well with me, but perhaps that is because I was his food source from the beginning, before his sensory issues came into play. Truth be told, there have been times when he would not accept comfort from me either. As he has grown, those times have lessened.

Sometimes I feel sad because of this, but really it is not something I can force. If I forced him to hug or hold hands with someone he was not comfortable around, it would cause regression and his sensory issues would probably get worse. I am very thankful that I found peaceful and attachment parenting. Child-led development is best.

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