Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Making Progress

My youngest child is living with SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder). He has many obsessions, "odd" behaviors, and sometimes makes choices that baffle me. I used to dwell on his negative behaviors and feel depressed. Now I try to dwell more on the positive behaviors that come to light. After all, it has been months since the last time he head banged in order to hurt himself on purpose, though he still sometimes tries to throw himself down stairs or onto a hard floor. Small steps and large ones are all a celebration for us at this point.

It used to be that my son woke up screaming regardless of the time of day or for how long he slept. He could be beside me or on his own. It didn't matter, he woke up screaming. Yesterday was a WONDERFUL surprise. Not only did he wake up in a good mood, but he chose to stay in his room and play instead of come to me for "ba milk" and cuddles. He proceeded to play on his own, though I said hello and asked if he needed anything, for over an hour.

He might wake up screaming again today, tomorrow, or the next day. He might zone out and not speak all afternoon. However, I am still thankful that he is making progress and working through things. I look forward to many more positive steps forward in the future!

I want for other parents to know that positive changes do happen. It may seem frustrating or sad, but eventually things can look up. Seek support when you need it or when your child needs it. It can get better. :)

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