Monday, May 13, 2013

They Have To Learn That Hard Work Is How You Get Paid, Right?

My children sometimes participate in a program that gives them gift cards or educational toys if they test products. This is my children's choice not mine and I always supervise. Recently I spoke with a friend about this program. The friend said that the program was good because my children needed to learn how to work hard to get money and things.

This comment rubbed me the wrong way. At first, I was not sure why I was so bothered by the comment. After a few hours it dawned on me that children do not, in my opinion, need to be taught such things. They will naturally learn that hard work and persistence helps them achieve goals. After all, climbing a rock can teach the same lesson on the child's terms. Practicing how to start a swing and continue swinging can also teach this lesson in a natural way. I did not sign my children up, at their request, in order to teach them a lesson. I signed them up to have fun and possibly enjoy some educational items. I hope people understand that I am not opposed to children learning and growing up. I am just opposed to them being forced into adult ideals so quickly and so young.

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