Thursday, May 30, 2013

Making Gains

I need to take a look at how each of my children is doing from time to time. I decided a post would be a way for me to take stock of their gains. This post is more for me, than for anyone else. But I am sharing it anyway.

My Oldest Child

She is entering the tween years so there are loads of emotions and body changes, but most days are fairly calm. She still enjoys reading and cuddles. She is very outspoken and is not afraid to speak up for another person. All in all, she is doing well.

My Middle Child

She has grown by leaps and bounds since she was diagnosed with SPD as a 4 year old. She uses her words more than whining or melting down. She is able to fix problems with clothing and hair, sensory issues specifically, on her own most of the time. She asks for help when she cannot fix an issue. She has been having a tough time wearing more than her favorite three outfits so we are working on branching out a bit and finding comfortable clothes that she can tolerate. She is trying to eat more food varieties even though the textures do not always agree with her. She is gifted at using computers and can read well. She likes to complain about anything we ask her to do, but if it is her idea she does those same things with no issue. She is not the same kid who used to come home from pre-k and bang repeatedly against the wall because she was so stressed out. She is working hard!

My Youngest Child

He still does not feel pain in most areas of his body. He still throws his body around or down in an effort to harm himself if upset. However, these behaviors are calming down with patience, modeling, and his use of words to solve problems. We are moving from a place of sensory meltdowns to a place of typical pre-k tantrums. He talks, he walks, he makes eye contact. He does NOT like to be touched most of the time unless it is me holding his hand or carrying him. His allergies are a lot better, but they still exist. He can tolerate a small amount of most allergens, but we try not to expose him. He has been able to stay with his father once at home while I went out for an hour. This was a HUGE breakthrough. i am hoping it will happen again soon. He is now comfortable playing at the park without me holding his hand. He knows how to spell his name verbally and is asking how to spell other words. He spoke to other children, that he knows through a group we attend, at a park recently and I nearly cried. Previous to that, he would run away if anyone came near him. This day he was telling them an ENTIRE story about spiders and ladybugs! We will continue to work on his loud screeching vocal tones throughout the summer.

I am proud of all three kids! :)

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