Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Learning Uncensored

My family currently home schools. Sometimes people who do not home school wonder what homeschooling looks like. Here are some photographs and captions. Most of the time we gently guide the children using their interests. We attend many groups with other families so our children have opportunities for meaningful play, imaginative play, and more. Sure, we can do this at home and sometimes we do. However, spending time with other children helps my children to see topics, problems, and solutions from a different perspective.

We have visited animal rehabilitation centers.

We climb, run, jump, and explore.

This is fun!

We learned about air pressure with friends.
We look for animals in different habitats. We saw crayfish, frogs, and more on this day.

Ladybugs and other beetles are an obsession.

Who doesn't love a science project with chemical reactions?

Watch out!

We learn about nature and safety during hikes.

Why hello, fossil!
Relaxing the way our ancestors may have rested at the local mountain.
We explore regional and state parks. This park has a former coal mine.

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