Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Why Our Wedding Proposal Was Cringe-Worthy In My Book

I have a confession to make. When my husband proposed, I was embarrassed. I am not someone who likes to have attention from strangers so you might think the fact that he proposed in public might be the issue here. (He proposed at downtown Disney because I ran late and the park we both loved was not open that late.) The truth is that I was embarrassed when he got down on one knee. To many people this is the default way to propose. This is a necessary behavior in many people's minds. I never liked the idea of giving a bride away or of a man having to basically bow to the woman in order to propose marriage. I generally am not a "traditionalist" in any way. It just seems condescending for me to insist someone get on his knee on the ground in order to, I guess, prove his love and commitment. We have been married for about ten and a half years, have three gorgeous children, and are really enjoying life together. Yet, to this day, I cringe when thinking of the proposal because I do believe we are equals, not one above the other. I hope more people rethink their roles and ideals because truly we are all equal.

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