Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Just To Be Clear - Allergies, Veganism, Weston Price

Lately there has been another uproar, yes another one, about the Weston Price Foundation's recommendations. For some reason some of their representatives are claiming that a vegan mom's breast milk is not as good for a child as homemade formula (which is based on dairy whether it be goat milk or cow milk). Sadly this is a huge blanket statement. You can eat meat if you want, though I do not. That really is not the big issue here. My concern is the children with allergies.

My son had hard stools 1-2 times a week. He had no other bowel movements during the week, except these stools. This began around age 5 months, after a vaccine injury but that is another topic, and continued until he was nearly a year old. As he approached a year of age, I had already taken gluten and corn out of my diet as he was allergic to those items and we noticed a huge difference in behavior and apparent pain for him if I avoided those foods. Around that time he also had eczema issues so I pushed for a dermatologist visit. The dermatologist asked me what his stools looked like and how often they came. After finding out that they were suspect, our regular pediatrician was not concerned of course, he suggested I double check for food allergies. After much Internet research, yep I know doctor google is not the best but it actually helped diagnose my child, we found that my son had blood from his upper gastrointestinal tract in his stool. Apparently he was bleeding from the upper tract; it was clotting, and then slowing down his stool because it was dry and clotted. This was why his stools were black, hard, and infrequent even though he was nursed.

After all was said and done, and after my tears and guilt over not knowing he was bleeding internally for months, we found that he was indeed sensitive and allergic to many things. The list includes, but is not limited to, genetically modified foods, sprays they use on foods, carrots, some strawberries, soy, most corn, most dairy, gluten, and egg. Our regular pediatrician praised me for figuring so much out with so little support. He said it was good that I didn't stop nursing and give formula because the bleeding would have gotten worse and my child could have become very ill or died.

I really do not know why people think pushing the milk of a goat; goats will eat most anything, or of a cow, which is meant to feed a HUGE baby, would be healthier for an infant or child than a vegan mother's milk. After all, a mother who cares will make sure she has proper nutrients no matter what her diet is based on. My point is that mother's milk is the most perfect food even if she is vegan. If she is worried at all about nutrition, she can research or see a nutritionist. My nutritionist helped me to stay healthy and feed my child even with all the allergies. I am very thankful for her. If you support nursing, then you support vegan moms. If you are concerned, offer to pay a nutritionist assuming you know the mom well enough to say such a thing.

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