Wednesday, February 27, 2013


As I discuss human rights, not just circumcision, I often think about how Muslims, and those who appeared to the western eye to be of similar religious affiliation, were treated poorly after 9/11. Many people were physically harmed and discriminated against because some Americans were full of hate and assumed that all people of middle eastern descent were terrorists.

The truth is that you cannot judge one person by another person's behaviors. There have been plenty of Americans who harmed other Americans. Assuming that one religious group is more likely to cause harm is not a valid assumption. Most people in this world are kind and thoughtful people no matter their religion or country of origin. Not all people who practice circumcision of minors are Jewish and not all Jewish people participate in this practice. Though some people of the Islamic faith practice cutting children's heads on the Day of Ashura, many do not participate in this practice.

It can be easy to group people of one culture or faith together, but we are all individuals and should be given that respect and a chance to show who we are without being prejudged by someone else who may have similarities to us in faith or culture. If you take time to look around, many people within Judaism are advocating FOR genital integrity. Many people are opening their eyes to the facts in spite of pressure from their families and friends. I appreciate them and you should too. Though I may not be the most talented author, I do want for people to stop assuming they know one person because of a religious affiliation or ethnocentrism.