Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sleep Training/CIO

I hear a lot of parents discuss sleep training and cry it out as techniques for getting their children to sleep. There are plenty of reasons people do this. Mostly because they think they should, but often also because they want time with a spouse or time alone. The thing is that sleep training can be harmful. There are plenty of articles out there that discuss studies and personal experiences. What I wonder, though, is why is it okay to leave a child unattended while awake? When is another time you would leave an infant alone and unsupervised, no a baby monitor camera in the room doesn't count, while awake?

I never planned to have children, yet I have three and I chose to rise to the occasion and meet their needs. That is my job from before they are born until they are adults. If I was not up for the job I would have let someone adopt them. During a discussion, I told another mom this week that people do not always understand that children are a job from birth to past the age of twenty. If you have them, love and nurture them. If you thought cry it out/sleep training was the thing to do please do some more research. I can tell you not only from personal experience, but also from my years as a teacher, that children need their parents to be available 24 hours a day. If you are not up for the challenge then please do not have kids. If you are up for the challenge make sure you have support for the times when you have had enough and need a moment or two. This way your child is not left alone when he or she needs supervision and love. No one is perfect, certainly I am not perfect, but we can make each day better than the one before.

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