Saturday, October 6, 2012

My Kids' Classes Are Stressful...For Me

I am a peaceful/attachment parent. I am not perfect, but I work hard to make each day better than the last. One of the things we save our money for is community center classes for our children. They each choose what they want to do and we make sure they can attend.

My son is a toddler and has gone to his class of choice, toddler gym, for nearly a year. He enjoys this for the most part. Sometimes he becomes stressed if there are people in his personal space or if his sensory issues are bothering him on that particular day for some reason or another.

It seems, though, that every time I take him to class people try to chat with me which I really do not mind. The problem I am running into is that these people are very confused as to why my family operates the way it does. I do try to be an example of speaking and modeling instead of threatening and pulling on a child. I leave info cards about peaceful and attachment parenting in the restrooms as well. However, sometimes I end up spending more time educating others than time with my child or children.

For example, one time a lady noticed that my son was not interested in speaking to another child. She was concerned, though I was not, I went on to explain that some children prefer to take their time in getting to know others. I also threw in a quick bit of info about sensory processing disorder. The lady, meaning well, went on to say how preschool helps with that. In her defense, she did not know I hold  a master's in teaching or that we homeschool. I probably had a horrible look on my face because I was so shocked that anyone still thinks socialization occurs in early childhood classrooms at an acceptable rate. I quickly recovered and let her know all the information above and that we are working on an new evaluation for my son.

Today another gal walked up to me and noticed that my son had drawn with yellow marker on his legs. He did this in the car on the way to class which is fine by me. He even said "tada" when finished which was really cute. The lady said something to the effect of oh I see he did art on his legs. I said that yes sometimes he does. One of his sisters used to do that too. She said oh and his toenails are purple too I guess he drew on them too. I said oh well that is nail polish. He asked for it so I painted his nails. She said oh he must like to copy his mommy. I pointed to my unpainted toenails and said no actually we don't do gender roles at our house so he made the choice to paint his nails on his own. She looked confused.

I do not mind being an example. I do mind having to stop and educate when it is a time for my son and I to spend together bonding. It just seems that living in California, there should be less people to educate and more people who peacefully parent. Ok I think my vent is over. Thank you for listening. Now I can be a good example again.:)

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