Thursday, September 27, 2012

We Thought He Was Allergic to Strawberries...

My son has a great many food sensitivities and allergies. He did not have them at birth, they are a result of a vaccine injury. We thought we had a list of all his allergens. Then, one day, he had strawberries and began to rash up everywhere. I believe he was about one to one and a half year old at the time.

So I dutifully kept the rest of the family from strawberries because even a kiss with the juice on our lips would cause him to have a rash. He didn't seem bothered by the rash and he did not go into anaphylaxis, thank goodness, so I figured he had a chance to grow out of this allergy.

Not long ago, sometime last spring, we found a local certified organic farm nearby our new house rental. They have a u-pick field with many different fruits and vegetables depending on the time of year. I decided to allow my son to pick strawberries, Benadryl was in my bag just in case. Lo and behold, he did not rash up though juice was on his hands. When we got home I rinsed the berries and allowed him to have two small ones. Again, no rash. I waited several days and then allowed him to have a couple more berries with a meal. Still no rash.

At this point I figured we were in luck! He can have organic strawberries! YAY! So the next week, instead of trekking three kids to the farm on a hot day, I took them to the farmer's market. Most of the booths had certified organic produce and I was able to purchase strawberries that were organic. My son tried these berries and immediately rashed up but only on his face, not all over his body.

The next week I went back to the organic farm and asked if there was a difference between the way in which they treat their plants and the way other organic farmers grow. They told me that yes, in addition to not having genetically modified plants, they chose not to spray the plants AT ALL. They did not even use organic sprays while other farms may.

So apparently my son reacts greatly to genetically modified strawberries,mildly to sprayed strawberries, and not at all to organically grown and NOT sprayed strawberries. Know what you are eating folks. And keep in mind that an allergy may not be to the food but rather to the genetic modifications OR the soil, spray, or type of water used to grow the plants.

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