Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Parenting at the Park

My children are homeschooled. In order to stay busy, active, and have fun we frequent local parks. Sometimes my children enjoy playing together or alone. More often, my three kids want me to watch them, talk with them, and explore with them. While I do sometimes chat with other care givers at the park. my children do come first. If I happen to be talking to someone and on of my children needs me, then I end the conversation and go to my child.

I would love to say that I don't judge the parents who are not present for their children at the park. I am happy when moms or dads can get together with their friends while children play. The thing is that I often see children upset because they want help and the parent is on the phone or talking to a friend. I have also seen children harm others while the parents were busy doing other things. I often see parents who would rather sit or stand in one area, than walk to the child and see what he or she needs. Screaming across the park is not really doing anyone a favor. It just makes a parent look like they don't want to be a parent. This behavior teaches the child that the parent does not care about his or her needs.

If you need a break from your child, perhaps letting the child play in a fenced in back yard or watch a movie inside the house is a safer and more responsible choice than going to a park. Save the park for a day or time when you feel recharged, refreshed, ready to take on the world. We all have times when we are tired or need a break. I have those times often, too. I would love to stand and chat with friends all day long, but I chose to be a mom of three so I cannot always have what I want.

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