Thursday, August 9, 2012

Open Letter to Chancellor Merkel and the United States Congress

Chancellor Merkel and Members of Congress,
It has come to my attention that 20 members of the United States Congress have contacted Chancellor Merkel in order to encourage male genital mutilation. This takes time away from creating solutions that United States Citizens need with regard to jobs, healthcare, education, and housing. In addition, the congress members are acting with blatant disregard of U.S. and international laws. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child States in Article 24.3 "Parties shall take all effective and appropriate measures with a view to abolishing traditional practices prejudicial to the health of children." This is only one of many international

legislative aarticles which protect children from genital mutilation. The United States has child abuse laws which

make circumcision illegal in each state which say you cannot leave a mark on a child. Circumcision is illegal

under the 14th Amendment which guarantees equal rights to all regardless of religion or age. Yes, children do

have religious freedom as well as the freedom to not be harmed by others. Courts have repeatedly ruled that

parents cannot martyr their children which makes religious freedom and parents' rights arguments invalid.
Sadly many American legislators and philanthropists mistakenly believe that parents can make the choice to circumcise a child. There are many reasons for this belief including but not limited to the need to feel that a dangerous tradition is acceptable,the need to profit from the sale of foreskins, the need to profit tfrom doing the procedure itself, the need to be right or feel normal even though most of the world is intact.
Circumcision is rarely done with  pain medication and many consider sugar pacifiers and lollipops to be "enough" pain medicine for an infant. There are no health benefits to circumcision, but there are downfalls. A child may die from shock or from bleeding out.  A child may have psychological issues such as PTSD or other psychological and social problems. Circumsion affects breastfeeding and often ceases the nursling/mother relationship. A child may also have physical injuries beyond the amputation of the foreskin and it's immunological protections. He will not be as protected as his intact peers from disease and infection. He will not be able to perform properly during intimate acts with his partner due to the keratinization of his glans among other issues.   
 Muslim parents are not supposed to circumcise and a growing number of Jewish families keep their children intact because they know it is harmful to circumcise. We know that mandated  reporters are the perpetrators of many of these child abuses you so lightly call circumcisions.  Ask yourself, why do American legislators want to foster the mutilation of males abroad? What benefit do they receive from encouraging a practice that illegal to do to females, is illegal in the United Ststes, and illegal under international child protection laws? Perhaps it is time to protect our children, our future instead of raise on high those who would harm our future.


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