Friday, August 3, 2012

Dear AAP, We Know the Truth

Dear American Academy of Pediatrics,

We know the truth. We know that you benefit from not only the payment for circumcisions, but also by selling the foreskins to cosmetic and research companies. We know you rarely use pain medication and that you routinely consider sugar pacifiers and lollipops to be "enough" pain medicine for an infant. We know there are no health benefits to circumcision, but there are downfalls. A child may die from shock or from bleeding out. A child may have psychological issues such as PTSD or other psychological and social problems. We know circumcision affects breastfeeding and often ceases the nursling/mother relationship. A child may also have physical injuries beyond the amputation of the foreskin and it's immunological protections. He will not be as protected as his intact peers from disease and infection. He will not be able to perform properly during intimate acts with his partner due to the keratinization of his glans among other issues. We know circumcision is illegal under child abuse laws in each state which say you cannot leave a mark on a child. Circumcision is illegal under the 14th Amendment which guarantees equal rights to all regardless of religion or age. Yes, children do have religious freedom as well as the freedom to not be harmed by others. Courts have repeatedly ruled that parents cannot martyr their children which makes religious freedom and parents' rights arguments invalid. Muslim parents are not supposed to circumcise and a growing number of Jewish families keep their children intact because they know it is harmful to circumcise. Yes, we know the truth. We know that mandated reporters are the perpetrators of many of these child abuses you so lightly call circumcisions. No matter what your policy states when it comes out in September, we will continue to share the true facts instead of bow to those who are in it for the money and the power. We hold you accountable to "do no harm". We will be heard. We will bring change whether you like it or not.



  1. You'll be pleased to hear that my woefully ignorant (but exceptionally well-"Google'd") sister-in-law peddles the very same jawdroppingly ignorant tales about male circumcision being mutilation and all sorts of equally amazing nonsense. I am a male, circumcised as a defenceless infant. My goodness, when I recall my happy days in the Army with many "hooded lads" in the showers, am I ever pleased I am "cut"! Let's get down to basics - the foreskin DOES serve a purpose when we career around the bush in a loincloth! When we fast-forward and get into underwear and nice snug trousers ... and keep our genitalia nice and warm, well, hygiene becomes a bit of a challenge! As much as the happymommy blog is a valid personal platform, it is in no way anything more than that. Unfortunately, it will be referenced by others as erroneously as you reference other "opinion" sites as fact. Questiion: how do you feel about me perhaps (as a man) pretending to tell you what is good or bad for you in terms of sexual function in women? Stupidity is forgivable, and sadly seldom curable. But, by Zeus, ignorance is unforgivable! Apropos your comment "He will not be able to perform properly during intimate acts." - I have only one carefully considered comment - "LOOOOOL!". My wife would certainly have a thing or two to say about this ... and not in support. Comment on cut/uncut? "I know which one I prefer. And it's NOT uncut!"

    1. That is only because you do not know what you are missing! You are in denial. Sex now is like ice cream. But if you had all your bits then it would be like a supreme sundae with whipped cream, hot chocolate fudge, and a cherry on top!

  2. Actually many blogs, such as mine, make sure to list their resources. Mine come from studies as well as personal stories. Obviously you chose NOT to research.;)Keep in mind any more comments that suggest child abuse is acceptable will be deleted.