Thursday, July 5, 2012

Yet Another Fixation

I have written about my son's preferences/fixations before. He used to enjoy stacking and sorting hangers, at the age of six months. He also, more recently, had a fixation on lip gloss and even slept with it in his hand. Well he has a new interest at 25 months of age.

It started with his choice to wear more than one shirt at a time, usually two shirts. Then, it became a situation where he wanted to wear several pairs of underwear at once. Many times he wore four pairs or five. He would have a "sensory" breakdown, yes they are different than tantrums, if he did not have enough shirts or underwear on his body.

Tonight he insisted on putting on two diapers for bedtime. Underwear is very light and airy. I can understand wearing more than one pair and being somewhat comfortable. However, for the life of me I just do not understand wearing two bulky diapers and feeling at ease and comfortable.

As I have said before, I will always support my children whether I understand why they do what they do or not. He is special, unique, and intelligent. He is so very wonderful and parenting has been a true adventure thus far.

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