Tuesday, July 24, 2012

U.S.A. Kids Cup

Recently I had an opportunity to test and keep a free U.S.A. Kids cup. They did not ask me to write about it, but I wanted to share our experience with other parents. My son is 26 months and rarely uses a "sippy cup" because he likes to copy his sisters who use regular cups. When the free cup arrived he actually did a little dance. I asked him why and he said he liked the animals on the cup. Actually what he said was "monkey, giraffe, good, feel happy".

The valve is different than the valves I am used to seeing, but after a few sips he had the hang of the cup and valve system. Also when I cleaned the cup later in the day, it was not tough to get the valve clean. The cup is BPA free which is a plus. The cup we received is insulated and is one solid piece with two walls and injection molded instead of using two cups that are attached. I suspect this will prevent wear and tear as well as leaking that I have seen with other cups styles.

My son likes the cup and I found it to be not only easy to use, but also a talking point because of the design using real world colors for the animals. My son said "monkey" so I replied "yes, a brown monkey". He then said "horse" and I said "you see the giraffe". Many cups have blue horses or green bears which is fine, I suppose, but we do try to make every moment a teachable moment so the cup design fits into our everyday lives as well. I am not a great photographer but included a picture above. The website is below in case you want more information.


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