Thursday, July 26, 2012

Success...Well A Step in the Right Direction

My son has had issues for a long time. He was diagnosed with sensory integration dysfunction and also food allergies which both make him very sensitive in some ways and not sensitive at all in others. He only feels pain in his face/lip area and would happily bang his head on the tile for hours if I allowed this behavior.

He cried nearly all day when we used to have a nanny because I worked full time. He usually cries if I leave for 5 minutes to get gas and he is with his dad so that rarely happens. When we moved to California I no longer worked outside of the home, but we chose to find the cash to pay for a sitter to come by once a week for 3 or 4 hours. My girls LOVE this. My son HATES this. He is still allowed to hang out with me but can choose to play with Ms. Melissa and his sisters as well. Until last week he refused to even look at Ms. Melissa even though she has been visiting once a week for six months.

Last week he chose to go outside, though I was inside cleaning, and play with the Ms. Melissa. He talked to her, also a new behavior, but did not accept directions from her. I was very happy to have a few minutes without him climbing me and crying to be away from her, he often does this wit new people or if he thinks I will leave.

This week was even better! We went to the free movie, he slept and the girls watched. When we arrived home, Ms. Melissa offered to make sandwiches for lunch and he said,"Yes, please." Holy cow! Yay! So I stayed in the other room and just listened as I checked email, cleaned, etc. He did very well with her. He got upset when he wanted me to put his shoes on instead of do it himself, but he used his words and I came to help. He then played outside for nearly an hour without me but with the girls and Ms. Melissa.

This is huge folks! I may actually get to go on a date night sometime soon! Oh wow, I could even go get groceries or buy clothing by myself! There are several steps we still need to take in order to get him comfortable staying with Ms. Melissa. If she ever moves I am screwed. For now though, I will be thankful for little steps in the right direction.

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