Friday, July 27, 2012

Breasts Are Not Genitalia

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Silly me, I thought everyone knew breasts are not genitals. Earlier today I realized that Americans rarely understand this concept. You see, it has long been taught in schools and homes that our bodies are not to be explored or discussed. Often abstinence only programs, or no health programs at all, are offered in public school. No wonder people consider their bodies to be taboo. We, as a culture, have encouraged this idea.

Here is the definition of genitals and the definition of breast from in case you were one of the souls who was not able to learn this information in school or at home. I am sorry if someone led you to believe that breasts are genitals. I am so very sorry if someone pushed you to believe that children copying nursing is sexual, because it is not.

gen·i·tal[jen-i-tl] adjective

1.of, pertaining to, or noting reproduction.
2.of or pertaining to the sexual organs.
3.Psychoanalysis .
a.of or pertaining to the genital phase  of psychosexual development.
b.of or pertaining to the centering of sexual impulses and excitation on the genitalia.
1350–1400; Middle English  < Old French  < Latin genitālis  of birth, equivalent to genit ( us ), past participle of gignere  to beget + -ālis -al1

breast[brest] noun

1.Anatomy, Zoology . (in bipeds) the outer, front part of the thorax, or the front part of the body from the neck to the abdomen; chest.
2.Zoology . the corresponding part in quadrupeds.
3.either of the pair of mammae occurring on the chest in humans and having a discrete areola around the nipple, especially the mammae of the female after puberty, which are enlarged and softened by hormonally influenced mammary-gland development and fat deposition and which secrete milk after the birth of a child: the breasts of males normally remain rudimentary.
4.the part of a garment that covers the chest.
5.the bosom conceived of as the center of emotion: What anger lay in his breast when he made that speech?
Women's breasts are for nursing. If you use them any other way then bully for you. Just keep in mind that the intended use is for our young to receive comfort and nourishment. If, after being given the information above, you think for a minute that a child copying a mother who nurses is pornographic then you may very well be a pedophile or fetishist. A child pretending to nurse means he or she understands why women have breasts thus creating a nurturing environment for their future offspring.

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