Saturday, June 23, 2012

Movie Trip To See Brave

We had a gift card to the local movie theater so hubby and I decided to take the three children to see Brave. Hubby rarely goes out with us due to his crohn's disease, work, and general anxiety regarding such matters so this was a treat for all. As we left he did say that nothing about the trip was easy, though I thought it had gone very very well. I guess he just is not used to being out with kids. My easy day is his rough day.

We arrived at the theater and had a gift card issue but thankfully our local AMC has great customer service and fixed the issue quickly and without complaining. I had planned to bring our own snacks due to prices at the theater and also food allergies but hubby did not want to "get caught" so we ended up buying instead. Fine by me I love junk food.

We found seats about five minutes before the previews and thankfully had plenty of room as the theater was not sold out. Before the show started the theater was about three quarters full. The girls sat and enjoyed their snacks, hubby ate pizza, and Ezra and I cuddled and giggled at the previews.

Once Brave started I noticed that the daughter was fearless which is a HUGE positive in my opinion. Even when scared of change or something new this is a great quality to have. She did speak back to her mother BUT she had good reasons in most cases. While we do not advocate for weapons or violence, I do think archery is a fine sport when used on targets other than animals and the movie did show a strong female character practicing this sport. She was even better that the men competing in an event.

There were a few scary and intense scenes so a young or squeamish child may need to either skip those parts or wait a few years and see this movie on video. My oldest is nine years old, we also have an eight year old, and then a 24 month old. They all enjoyed the movie. Our youngest laughed through many parts which was hilarious. He has never done that before.

I would say that even with the violence and weapons, this movie sends a positive message about parents allowing children to be who they are meant to be. The movie also teaches children that parents are looking out for them and parents really do mean well even when they seem controlling. Sometimes we parents need to loosen up a bit though. At least I know I still need to loosen up a bit.

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