Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Why take the time?

Many people sail through life doing the bare minimum. Many people are happy and healthy while doing this. I cannot live this way. I feel a deep need to be sure I complete each task properly and without failing others. I have never failed a test, class, or chosen activity. I never quit. I just don't.:)

Because of this many people do not understand me. They have trouble with my "attitude" or know it all approach. Well, here is the thing. I don't know it all. You don't either. BUT I do choose to continue learning and not just quit.

There is nothing wrong with sharing information I have encountered and things I have learned. If someone chooses to ignore me or bury their head in the sand then the burden is now on them. I tried. They failed. Tough cookies. My hope is that even when people try to ignore truths and facts, they have a teeny tiny seed planted that slowly, or quickly, grows to blossom into acceptance of the truth no matter how tough it is to accept. Hopefully this will, in the end, mean that no one failed but that I tried, they grew and grew, they accepted.

That is all.:)

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