Monday, February 27, 2012

The Elite, The Exciting, The Pro-vax People

Well a friend showed me the following blog So I checked it out. I even wrote a kind yet informative comment to share. But they only let team members post comments. They do not allow followers to comment, just team members. So does that mean they do not care to have information? If they can refute anti-vaccine information then why not allow folks to comment so they can debunk myths when necessary? Well that is fine they can sit there and do what they want but I will be happy to have comments anytime. The following is the comment I would have posted had I been "cool enough" to be included in the comment section.

I hear what you are saying, but since I have vaccine injured children I have to also mention that whether you vaccinate or not Autism, Sensory Integration Dysfunction, and allergic reactions happen. It does boil down to genetics and environment. If your child is living with autism it can happen from a young age or as they age. Sometimes it is due to a reaction, sometimes not. Basically, what I am saying, is that one person's experience is not the same as another person's experience. You cannot suggest all people vaccinate for all diseases because the truth is that each vaccine affects each person differently. Even pro-vaccine advocates often suggest a delayed or selective schedule because they know that under age one, vaccines are not effective and also that if a child has a reaction it is easier to know what caused the reaction if only one immunization is given at a time. We now know that our children's genetic coding/family history counter-indicate vaccinations. Our family has not only allergies by the dozens, but also autoimmune diseases. Together they, unfortunately, make a perfect storm of circumstances which often lead to injuries in folks who vaccinate. I highly suggest people know their family history, their child's sensitivities or allergies, and go slowly if they vaccinate. Best wishes to you all!


  1. Glad to see you blogging about it because I suspect the person to be a total fraud. Interesting how they have blocked comments from people who might cast doubt on her truthfulness.

    1. Right, if I am wrong then show me. That is all I can say. Also a friend already mentioned that I was unlcear when discussing vaccinated children and carrying diseases. Vaccinated kids CAN come down with the diseases they are vaccinated against and in that process infect others. But my point above was that just being in school with other children does not mean a sibling will become ill. I am not immune to anything anymore and taught for eight years yet I have not been ill other than the occasional head cold for less than 24 hours.