Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Kids With Issues, Teen Mom, And Me

I am hooked on the Teen Mom series. I know it is a bad habit, but I get wrapped up in it all the same. One of the families, yep children + mom + dad=good for them, has a child who is delayed in her development. Many doctors and other health care professionals will tell a parent to wait on a potential diagnosis or that it is only a phase and that every child develops on his or her own schedule. To an extent they are correct.

However, I am still angry that no doctor or nurse or pre-kindergarten teacher would help my second daughter when she was obviously having undiagnosed issues which affected her every day life for years. A parent should NOT have to push so hard to get help for a child. It took four years of me pushing and making appointment after appointment before I found a potential diagnosis ONLINE of all places and suggested it to a doctor who then said, "Oh yep that could be what is going on, here are some referrals." FOUR YEARS!

When my third child, a son, showed the same issues, I pushed the doctors again and again. Finally, around his first birthday, I was given a referral so he could also receive a diagnosis which led to services. Thankfully both of my diagnosed children are doing well now that they have coping skills and we, their parents, have tools with which to help them. We know most of the things that trigger their stress and help them to work through situations that may be difficult.

As I watched the young family on Teen Mom, I felt as if I was reliving the worry, frustration, and fear of something being wrong with my child and not knowing what it was which means I cannot treat it. This young family was going through what I, an adult with experience with children and education, had to deal with. I felt so bad for this young couple. They did a great job working through the issues and are doing right by their children, but I must say that their strength and dedication through the situation is more than what many grown adults would display. Kudos to them! For those who are dealing with diagnosed or undiagnosed children, please know you are not alone. Please be sure to take time for yourself, spend time with friends, de-stress as often as you need to, and know that your child is perfect even if he or she happens to be differently-abled.

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