Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Toured a Montessori Elementary and Middle School Today

Today I took my 3 kids with me to tour and discuss a Montessori school. We are considering private school bc public school has so many issues these days in FL. Aside from the torrential downpour, high winds that shook the car, and tornado warnings in neighboring counties, we made it to the appointment. The owners were great. They were knowledgeable about learning, nature, math, child development, etc. They had a great grasp of Maria Montessori and her methods. They had animals including chickens, peacocks, horses, and other wild animals that they did not own but that frequent their 2 acres. The owners checking to see if they have room for our two older kids. If so, then we need to send them back on different days to spend a half day there. Then I have to go back and observe on yet another day. I am nervous to make a choice, but definitely think private school is best at this point and Montessori allows for growth beyond the child's grade level. We will see what happens.

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