Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cross Country Club

My kids chose to participate in a running club at school. They practice twice a week in the mornings and have meets every Saturday at various elementary schools in the area. I have always been proud when they try and succeed in finishing a project even if they do not "win". However, a friend's child won today, we were sooo excited, but I then found out that my children, both of them, had walked rather than running the half mile. I was so surprised. Ha! no wonder they are never ever near the beginning or middle! I thought maybe they just weren't as gifted at running as other kids but no they actually chose not to run! Wild!

On a lighter note, the other parents noticed that one school in particular had 5-10 kids finishing in the top 15 in every race. We are trying to figure out why this is. One parent said it must be because they run their club like a boot camp. We watched them warm up and yes it looked like a high school team not elementary but I don't know if it truly is boot camp style. I am thankful that my children's coaches are more relaxed because, after all, it is meant to be fun not work.:)

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