Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Midweek Slump

Well this year I am definitely having midweek slumps each week. I don't know if it is having 3 kids, working full time, or just being a few years older but boy am I tired. I feel like the time I spend with my kids or cleaning or working is important but sleep is tempting. My poor husband keeps finding me asleep on the bed by the baby when I nurse him bc I have been so tired. I guess I should watch what I eat and get back to exercising. Maybe that will help.;)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Low milk supply

I have been struggling with a lowered milk supply when pumping at work. Today a co-worker suggested I wean the baby since he has up to one meal of formula a day. She says it is easier. Well that is true to an extent, but it is expensive and he will not get the immunities that my milk provides. Plus he and I both love milk time. I shouldn't have felt offended, but I was, when she suggested this. Oh well. I will keep pumping at working and nursing at home and life will work out.:)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Happy weekend!

Today my children and I met up with an old friend and her daughter at the petting zoo. It was great fun since we had not seen each other since before the baby came last May.:) I am looking forward to Sunday since baby is starting to pull his knees up under his body and rock! He is sitting for several minutes at a time as well! I will miss these days when the kids are grown but wow they are fun now!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Some Friend

So I met a friend, probably more of an acquaintance now, several years ago through another mutual friend. She started working in the room next to me so I took it upon myself to meet her before the school year started. Her kids were close in age to my kids and she had many of the same values that my family has as well. We ended up getting along very well and sometimes got together on the weekends with the fam.:) We even took overlapping vacations one summer so we could hang out here and there when the husbands were off doing something else. So, last year I started to get a weird vibe from her. I think she wants to be great friends, but keeps making choices that keep me from wanting to spend time with her.

For example, her family was invited to my child's birthday and she accepted the invite a month in advance. My children were super excited since they get along with her kids. The day of the party  I got a message from her saying that her hubby had promised the kids a trip elsewhere and she wasn't going to go against what he said even though the family calendar said they would be at the party. My kids were so sad. Other co-workers/friends who we are close with also were shocked because they didn't expect her to do something like that.

Then, my work friends threw a baby shower. She was an integral part. Her husband called and was frantic about something and even though the call occurred during work hours she left the others to set up and throw the party and went to deal with the husband's issue. I was definitely sad, probably bc I was still hurt over the birthday she didn't come to and partially bc of my hormones.

After that she insisted on the details of why we wouldn't circumcise our baby. She had done it to her kid bc the dad wanted him to look like the dad, bleck! Anyway I held my tongue bc my mother in law was there which probably saved the friendship or what is left of it.

So recently my child tested into a "higher level" thinking program at school and had an IQ test. This friend interrupted my class getting back from PE to find out what my kid's IQ was. I don't think that is anyone's business. If my other kids are tested I don't want for them to feel bad if they don't have the same IQ.

So I am frustrated with this friend who can't be there for the important stuff even when she says she will be there, but wants to know intimate details when I am very obviously not comfortable discussing these with her when things are the way they are right now.

Monday, October 11, 2010


Everyone has been ill over the weekend. The baby is teething on top of this! Fun times.;) Here's to hoping the swing batteries continue to work and I get a couple of hours of sleep before work since I have to be at a meeting in the morning. Two new students are going to be put into an inclusion model in my class Wednesday so I can't take that day off. Then, there is a late meeting at work Wednesday as well as a consultant meeting Thursday. Wow! Not a good week for the family to be sick. But as my boss said, "you don't need sleep do you?" Ha! She is too funny.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Work story

So I teach young children in a  public school. One day I handed out markers for a writing activity and overheard a boy say that pink is for girls. I am definitely not someone who agrees with that. So the next time I handed out markers I mentioned that in our class there are no girl or boy colors. Colors are for everyone. Since then every boy asks for pink. I think maybe they wanted pink but were worried to use it. How funny. Now everyone gets a different color every time and there are no comments made.:)