Monday, September 27, 2010

Possibly changing doctors-super nervous

So we had a run in with a receptionist at the doctor office. She chastised us for waiting until our doctor is back, in a few weeks from maternity leave, to continue vaccinations. I would normally not worry but my son had several reactions to the last round and so now I am concerned and want her input before we do any more. It isn't the doctor's fault that this lady was rude and shouting in the lobby, buuuut my hubby says we should just change docs anyway since he and I are not convinced that all kids should have all shots since not every person is made the same and some have health issues and sensitivities. So we want to go slow and be cautious while still giving our child as many vaccines as possible, although vaccines do not give 100 percent immunity. So I have scheduled another appointment with our regular doctor, but am interviewing others in case we continue to have issues with the secretary. I hate to change since my daughters really like and trust the current doctor. Oh well time will tell.

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